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PS4 Remote Play… Wicked Awesome

PS4 Remote Play

I don’t consider myself a hardcore gamer by any stretch of the imagination.  I prefer playing sports based games as a means to wind down after a long day or as a way to kill some time.

I have a “man cave” in which I use as a retreat from the estrogen-laden house that I live.  My man cave allows me to not have to watch shows such as “Married at First Sight” or “Say Yes to the Dress”.  I can watch all the sports and SpikeTV™ shows that I want without interruptions.  I also have my computer and my game systems there.  The PS4 is my greatest stress reliever.  I am able to sit in my comfortable chair (which my wife thinks is ugly… don’t care, it’s in the cave babe.) and all of my worries disappear for a little while.

Right now, my life is in a scramble.  Sony (which makes the PS4) now offers Remote Play for the PS4.  I am able to play any of my PS4 games on any PC or Mac on the network in my home.  But it doesn’t stop there… With Remote Play, I can also connect to my PS4 from anywhere that has an Internet Connection with a high enough bandwidth…  ANYWHERE!!!

This means that if I am in my doctors office and he is running late, I can connect my duelshock controller to the USB port on my laptop and if his Internet Connection is fast enough, I can play my PS4 games in his office!

I want to meet the team that created this technology and give them a big kiss on the lips!!!  This is AWESOME!!!