How Much???

Published: July 27, 2015 by: admin

I’ve been on YouTube posting a video on and off since 2006.  I started to become more frequent with starting a “daily vlog” in August of 2014.  I do the videos more for fun and for a chronicle of my life.

I am starting to use social media to spread the word of my vlog and also using this blog.  I have also started using a tool called “SocialBlade” to keep track of the analytics of my videos.  This tool will also give you information about other YouTube channels, including how much the channel is potentially making.

Some of the top tier YouTube channels have the potential of making $20,000 to $300,000 a month… THAT’S RIGHT… A MONTH!!!

I have been watching some of these channels and I don’t get how they are getting so many views…

I think that I am going to be brainstorming to find a niche and try to get my channels higher in the rankings!!!