Head in the Cloud…

I have always considered myself to be somewhat of a TechnoGeek.  I have even started a website and YouTube channel called TechnoGeek (www.technogeek.video).  So when the opportunity came that I could own my own Personal Cloud Server and not have to pay $9.95/month to someone else, I jumped at it.

WD My Cloud 4TB Personal Cloud Server
WD My Cloud 4TB Personal Cloud Server

Several years ago, I had purchased an Iomega personal cloud and I could never get it to work properly.  I was very unreliable when I was away from my network and even on my network, it would not always work.  I am currently using that product now as a backup hard drive.  So I was nervous purchasing another cloud based server and having the same problems.  After doing much research, the Western Digital My Cloud was the best product on the market for the price.

I purchased the WD MyCloud  Personal Cloud Server through Amazon.com (I LOVE Amazon.com) and it took about 3 days for me to get it.

Installation was quite easy.  I power up the device and then plug the network cable into your router and I was done.  All of my Macs instantly recognized the drive and I was able to configure the Server to my specifications in about 2 hours.

One of the aspects of this Product was the ability to use my iPhone to view/upload/download files directly from the server, no mater where I am.  This is very important for my business and will make my life much easier.

WD My Cloud IOS AppSetting up both my MacBook Pro laptop and my iPhone 6 was easy as following a few directions and going back several times and realizing that I did not follow the directions properly.

I am currently using the app on my iPhone 25 miles away from my home and everything opens quickly and I have yet to have any major problems.

I know that I may be jinxing myself, but as of right now, I believe that I made a smart purchase and I hope that I can make that same statement in 6 months from now.

You can view my unboxing and setup of my WD My Cloud by visiting my YouTube Channel here: