Do we Spoil Our Dogs?

Published: April 4, 2016 by: admin

I’ve been told in the past that I spoil our dogs, I’ve also some people that think that I am too hard on the dogs and expect too much from them.

Tuukka the Patriots FanI  think that I treat the dogs the way that they should be treated.  I do believe that they are members of the family and that a dog should not be chained or penned up outside of the home.  If you do this to your dogs, then why do you have them?  Our dogs are allowed in the bedrooms and in the kitchen (except during meal-time) and in return they are loving members of the family.

The one thing that I always have in mind is that a dog is an animal.  That being said, a human’s well-being trumps the the comfort and the way that I treat my dogs.  I do not believe in a second chance for an animal that is aggressive towards any human, other than one that may intend harm to my daughters, my wife or myself.  I do not believe in “Well, they were scared” or “the person moved to quickly.”.  No, that answer will not be accepted in my home.

Alicia having some Summer Fun
Alicia having some Summer Fun

My dogs’ only job in my home is to protect the house and the members that live in it, that is all that I ask of them.  They have been trained on how to behave and what appropriate responses are in certain situations.  If they do not behave in the way in which they were trained and how they are expected to behave, they are punished by being removed from the situation in which they are misbehaving, and trust me, they know what they are doing wrong.

I love my dogs, if they are spoiled, oh well.  We have spent countless hours training our dogs and, for the most part, they behave well in most situations (I even get agitated when I see a squirrel.).  My dogs are always there for me and meet me at the door every evening when I return home from work.  They know when I am down, they know when I am happy and they are always there when I need someone to talk to (but not necessarily need an answer.).

Are my dogs spoiled?  I don’t think so.  But if they are spoiled, that is OK with me.