Dishonest Dealership

Published: May 17, 2016 by: admin

Imagine that, a dishonest car dealership…  Say it ain’t so!

On Saturday, my wife and I decided that it was time for me to start looking for a new truck.  I currently drive a 2012 Chevy Colorado with almost 60,000 miles that is in excellent condition.  I know, most are saying that if it is in excellent condition, why do you want a new vehicle?  Saturday afternoon, I was asking myself the same question.  I was looking because my vehicle is currently out of warranty and I am going to be needing new tires and I believe the rear breaks are going to need to be done soon.  With the amount that the repairs are going to cost as a downpayment and the price that the new vehicles are (advertised as), I could get a 2016 Chevy Colorado with warranty and lower my monthly payments by up to $40 so it would be silly not to look into it.

I woke up early on Saturday, ate some breakfast and then headed out to clean out my truck, a chore that was many weeks overdue!  It took my about an hour to clean out the truck and Armor All the interior and I started to think, why do I want to trade this in, it is in great shape.  I headed back inside to wake up Leigh and the girls…  Getting up early on Saturday mornings is not a strong point of this family.

As the girls were slowly morphing from slumber time to the land of the living, I went on the computer to map out our day.  I decided to start at Imperial Chevrolet in Mendon, MA because they had the lowest prices listed on their website and they were also combined with Dodge and Ford Dealerships, not to mention my neighbor bought a new Ford F-150 from them and told me that they treated him well.

So we all hopped into my truck and started on our 30 minute journey to Mendon.  If you do not know of this dealership, it is huge!  I find a place to park and I hadn’t even closed the door to my truck and there is a Salesman in my face.  He introduces himself to me and I let him know what I am looking for.  He takes us over to the Colorados and directs me to this Orangish-Red truck and is doing everything in his power to get me to take it for a test drive.  At this point, I don’t want to waste my time on a test drive if I cannot afford the vehicle.  A test-drive is a ploy that dealerships use.  They have you drive a vehicle, hopping that you fall in love and forget what your budget is.  I’ve been to this rodeo a few times and was not going to fall into this trap.  I told the salesman that before we do anything, I want to make sure that the vehicle is within my price range.

This is when it got interesting.

The vehicle that I was interested in was listed on their website for $31,796.  I was going to trade my truck in (trade in value was from $18,500 to $21,000.) and I was going to give cash.  I figured out my financing before we left the house (My Credit Union is offering 2.49% for the loan) so I knew what my payments would be.  I would have never driven up to the dealership if I did not think that I could afford a new vehicle.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 8.33.54 AM
Prices for vehicles listed on Imperial Chevrolet’s website are only if you qualify for EVERY rebate and incentive offered by Chevrolet. This is a very deceptive advertising practice.

After about 30 minutes of the salesman “dicking” around, we started heading for the door.  Amazingly, the salesman found all the information that he was looking for as we started walking away.  Amazingly, the exact truck that was listed on their website for $31,796 was now $34,000!!! and that they were only willing to give me $12,500 for my truck.  At this point the Sales Manager, Bruce, became involved.  He told us that the price on the website was only if you qualified for all of the incentives that Chevrolet offered. I responded that it does not say that on the dealership’s website.  This man had a very condescending and cocky attitude and he tried “show us up” and said that it does and he will show it to us…  He then fumbled through at least 5-6 pages on the website before he found it.  If a MANAGER of the dealership had trouble finding this information, how would anyone else?  He tried to make himself look good by showing the incentives and rebates that they used to get the price on the website.  This made the dealership look even worse.  Once he show the rebates, Leigh proceeded to point out to him, according to his information, you would have to be a current GM owner that does not own a GM vehicle and you work as a Teacher that is a Farmer and currently on Active Duty with the US Military, plus a recent College Graduate!!!

This is when I when I decided that I was not going to purchase a vehicle from this dealership, but I was going to have a little bit of fun with them and see how much bullshit this Manager was going to spew…  I didn’t even think a human could spew as much bullshit that came out of this man’s mouth, but he did.

The Manager proceeded to tell me that Chevrolet also offers longer loans so that my payments would be lower and I would save money since I would probably trade in the vehicle before it was paid off…  WAIT… WHAT???  Really???  I decided to call him on this one.  He obviously did not know that I had worked in the Banking and Finance Industry for 15 years before I became a Web Designer.  I asked him how would I save money with a longer loan?  The interest that I would pay on the load in almost twice of what I would have paid through my Credit Union.  He returned with the monthly payments would be lower.  I asked him if he knew what the word “amortization” meant?  He had a puzzled look on his face.  I proceeded to explain to him that any type of loan that you take out, the interest on the loan is front-loaded.  For example, if you take out an auto loan, personal loan, etc and the monthly payment is $200 (mind you, this is an example and not 100% accurate.), when you make your first monthly payment, $180 is going toward interest and $20 toward principal.  The second payment $178.20 toward interest and $21.80 toward principal…  Simply looked at after two payments, you have paid $400 to the financial institution, but have only lowered your amount of debt by $41.80.  He tried to lie to me saying that Chevrolet loans charge the same amount interest on every payment, I informed him that I currently have a Chevrolet loan that is actually through Ally Bank and that he was trying to blow smoke up my ass.

I figured at this point they had waisted enough of my time and we left the dealership.

This is the reason that I HATE Car Dealerships.  Let me know what the price of the vehicle is up-front and then I can decide if I can afford the purchase.  It’s not like I go into Home Dep0t and they have 2X4’s priced at $2.25 each and I tell them I’ll give them $1.75 for them…

We were going to head to another dealership, Paul Masse in East Providence, RI, where I bought Leigh her Chevy Cruze and they were up front and honest with us and have stood behind the car for the 4+ years that she has owned it.

We ended not going because I had come down with a major migraine and we headed back home.

At this point, I think that I am going to keep my current truck.