Affiliate Marketing for Video?

I have been running a, for-the-most-part, daily vlog on YouTube for over three years now (  Throughout the live of this vlog, it has been fun.  I have enjoyed recording, editing, uploading and maintaining these videos.  But at this point, I feel as though I have done as much as I can for my YouTube channel with the very limited budget that I have.  So I have started looking into Affiliate Marketing Programs (AMP).

Currently, I am experimenting with Amazon Associates on this blog to see how it behaves and performs.  For those that do not know how an AMP work.  An AMP allows you to place links and/or ads on your website, blog or YouTube video description to advertise products on a specific platform.  The agreement with the AMP is that is someone clicks on a link or ad from your page and purchases the product, you will receive a commission of a percentage of the selling price.  Depending on the product and platform it can be as much as 10%.

The are currently hundreds, if not thousands of AMP’s out there right now, so I am currently starting out with Amazon Associates.  I will be learning the ins and outs of this program and how to market and deploy strategies to optimize the highest possible return for my efforts.

As of right now, I am a complete Newbie and I will be sharing both Blog and Vlogs post on what I learn about this program.  So follow this Blog for my weekly post regarding AMP.  Also, subscribe to my YouTube Channel (MPV Vlogs) to view video presentations of what I have learned.